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Enchanted Journals

The Enchanted Journal collection is made up of mini sized handmade journals... 

Filled with Magic Journals

The Filled with Magic Journals collection is made up of hard cover journals with ... 

Creative Journals

The Creative Journal Collection is made up of journals in which you are encouraged to let your creativity soar. Paint, draw, write, stamp, collage, scrapbook, options are endless!


Decorate and personalize anything and everything with stickers!

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When I sell my journals at markets I often get asked "what do you put in it?

It's a fair question and an easy answer... Literally whatever you want!

Starting a new journal can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to.

Keep it simple.

You do not have to just write in your journal. You can make it more of a scrapbook and put pics of the day or your vaca, you can collage with magazines, put in recipes, throw in a bunch of stickers too!

Your journal is your own little private space no one has to see it, or you can show it to the world, either way it's easy to make it fun.