Suddenly I See!

Suddenly I See!

Hi my friend,

Have you ever come across a quote or an affirmation that just hit ya? The other day I was scrolling through Pintrest as one does, and a simple yet powerful quote popped up. It simply said, "It's already yours. Start believing it." 


Some will view this as a positive uplifting quote right?

To put it lightly It sent me down a rabbit hole of inner thoughts and fears that have been sleeping comfortably in the depths of my unconscious for years. I really wanted to believe it but boy did my insecurities come forth in full force.

All I could hear was"it's not that easy" 

Bringing up thoughts and feelings from dark places is not for the faint of heart, however when you do it, when you're face to face with your insecure thoughts, and you feel them, one of two things can happen.

1.You either resist and shove them back into the dark corner of your unconscious and wait for another time. or,

2. You feel all the feels, ugly cry it out and move past the swampiness and into clear waters. 

The latter is what I chose and because of that, I began to believe it. The product that came from this small but mighty quote is my own YouTube channel!! 

New YouYube channel: 13JAX BY JACKIE SGOVIO

For the past two years I have been slowly yet strongly trying to grow my art business. It is not easy, however the things I have been learning along the way have been amazing. It's all about believing you deserve what it is you dream of bringing into your life.

I ask you to maybe find a quote or affirmation that really hits you and possibly journal about it, or even just sit with your thoughts for a while and see what comes up. It just might prompt you to make a shift in your life that will bring great opportunities

Much Love,

13JAX - Jackie Sgovio


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